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We have developed a range of services to allow you to keep
your pets fit and healthy. We want you to have maximum
enjoyment from these special companions and for them to live
a full and happy life.

We recommend that whenever you acquire a new pet you arrange
a consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon so that a thorough
health check can be performed. This also provides an
opportunity to discuss pet health care including correct
feeding, vaccinations and parasite control.

The nurses offer free development, weight and dental checks
throughout the life of your pet.

We are here throughout your pet's life to help your pet stay
healthy. Regular examinations allow the earlier detection of
abnormalities and these are much easier to treat, and
usually have better outcomes the earlier they are diagnosed.

We recommend an annual health check for all pets but when
they are older a 6 monthly check is very beneficial.

Vaccinations have been very effective in reducing the
incidence of many life-threatening infectious diseases, but
these diseases do still exist.
Dogs, cats and rabbits should be vaccinated from a young age
to protect against the worst infectious diseases. A
vaccination does not last for a pet's life and an annual
injection is required to maintain protection.
We understand that every patient is unique and the
veterinary surgeons will discuss the vaccine protocols
offered and tailor them to your pets needs. At the time of
vaccination a full clinical examination is also performed.

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Parasite Control
It is very important to use safe and effective products
which give full protection against the wide range of
For clients taking their pets abroad the choice must be
compatable with the PETS passport scheme.
Please consult us so that we may tailor our recommendation
to your pet's needs.

Parasites include:

border="0"> Lung worm: a very significant life threatening
risk to your dog. We strongly recommend monthly treatment
with advocate to protect against this and the majority of
other parasites.

border="0"> Roundworm: which can be passed from animals to
humans and cause blindness.

border="0"> Fleas: can set up an infestation at home and
cause serious skin disease on your pet.

border="0"> Ticks: these are a problem here and a more
serious one in mainland Europe, where they transmit a number
of diseases.

Other parasites include skin and ear mites, tapeworm and
other worms.

Rabbits are particularly at risk from fly strike (maggot
infestation) in warm weather and can also have serious ill
health from a parasite E cuniculi.

Nutrition and other Pet Care Products
Your pet's health and appearance will benefit greatly from
being fed a correct diet. Diets can be chosen to achieve
certain aims, treat certain conditions and should reflect
your pet's lifestyle.

We recommend ROYAL CANIN diets which can be purchased from
our surgeries. Please visit href="">www.royal.canin for
more information.

A significant amount of ill health in Rabbits relates to
incorrect feeding.

We also stock a range of items such as shampoos, toys,
training aids, ear cleaner and toothpaste. These products
have been specifically selected to enhance the health of
your pet and advise on their use is available form our
trained staff.

We recommend that male and female cats can be neutered at 5
1/2- 6 months of age.
Male dogs are usually castrated from 6 months onwards,
although individual client attitudes to this vary and so it
is best discussed with our veterinary surgeons or nurses.

We advise that female dogs are spayed, unless they are to
have a litter. It is possible for the operation to be
performed before the first season or more than 3 months
after a season.

Rabbits can be neutered from 4 months of age; there is a
high incidence of cancer of the womb in female rabbits and
so neutering is especially advised.

Female ferrets should be neutered before their first season
because they may otherwise devleop life threatening anaemia.

A microchip is a permanent ID system, it involves a chip
being injected under the skin of the scruff. This can be
done from any age; although the injection is quite large and
so for small patients it is often better to wait until they
are more fully grown. In cats they are ideally microchiped
while they are being neutered at 6 months of age.

Dental Care
Dental disease is common in dogs, cats and rabbits and the
potential for this can be improved by a Dental Care Plan. If
started at a young age, dogs and cats can be trained to
accept teeth brushing; there are also feeding plans to
minimise tartar build up. In rabbits correct feeding can all
but eliminate dental and digestive problems. Nurses all
perform free dental checks, and can tell you when your pet
needs a Scale and Polish to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Home Visits
We provide a home visit service for non urgent cases; these
are by arrangement and usually between 11am and 3pm Monday
to Friday.
We also encourage home visits for pets, in particular cats,
who dislike coming to the surgery

We do advise that for urgent or emergency cases you call the
surgery and immediately bring your pet to the hospital as we
have all the required facilities and nursing staff available
24 hours a day.

Pet Passports
We are authorised to provide PET passports. The procedure
consists of inserting a microchip and then a rabies
vaccination.The pet cannot travel on the passport for
another 21 days.

For up to date information please contact our Veterinary
Hospital on 01252 721191 or DEFRA on 01189 596695. For the
DEFRA website please click and visit the href=""> website.

Pet Insurance
Each year 1 in 3 pets is injured or becomes ill* and needs
urgent veterinary treatment. Insurance can help you cover
the cost of these unexpected bills leaving you free to
concentrate on helping an important member of your family

We offer acupuncture for conditions such as chronic joint
pain and back problems. This procedure can be carried out at
either our Farnham Hospital or Aldershot Surgery by Sarah

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